Author: Robin Johnson

Battling on Two Fronts

Robin J Johnson Are you wrestling with many of the same frustrations as I am in these challenging times? We watch reports of a pandemic sweeping the globe and sadly the consequences of this deadly virus on millions of lives. What is the right thing to pray, who should I pray for and how? And […]

Standing in the Gap

Robin J Johnson There is little doubt that we all believe in praying for one another. Whether it is intentional and focused or a quick, but nevertheless sincere prayer, followers of Jesus engage in prayer for each other. The apostle Paul concludes his letter to the church in Ephesus by giving instructions on spiritual warfare […]

2021 CCPP

Robin J Johnson As we journey into the new year of 2021 I would like to invite you to consider four important and powerful words — Constant Consistent Persistent Prayer. “God does nothing apart from prayer and everything by it.” John Wesley The need for prayer and intercession never changes. What can change are the things […]

Learn from history

Robin J Johnson  The longer I serve the Lord the more I become convinced that prayer is the foundation and absolute necessity from which all our Christian activities must be launched. The apostle Paul puts it aptly as brought out through The Message Translation. Since prayer is at the bottom of all this,….. 1 Timothy […]