Robin is a man of such contagious vision. I was really inspired when he shared his passion to see a million men praying. It is such an absolute priority… because, let’s face it: men are not doing it. Robin may end up starting another ‘Fulton Street Revival’! What we know from that revival, is that the impact of men praying can unleash change into society and into the spiritual realm beyond anything we can imagine. I wholeheartedly support this initiative and ask everyone to join hands to make it happen.
Luis Cabral, Senior Pastor, Australia for Christ Church
A million praying men is a great initiative, one which will change world history.
Warwick Marsh, Founder Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, Australian Heart Ministries, Organising Team NDOPF
I praise God with a sense of excitement at the great potential of a MILLION PRAYING MEN. If one can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand to flight (Deut 32:30) what is the end result of A MILLION PRAYING MEN? Your vision is awesome Robin. I see it coming to pass quickly. Thank God for you!
Royree Jensen, Senior Minister River of Life
This looks amazing, let us know how we can be involved?
Matt Prater, Senior Pastor New Hope Brisbane
This is wonderful and such an answer to prayer. God is definitely calling up the men at this hour. The trumpet is in your mouth to call them forth. You have heard the heart of the Father for this army of men who will carry the authority of the King into battle.
Jenny Hagger AM, Director, Australian House of Prayer for All Nations
Shalom, I believe what you received comes from the Lord. Do share with us in your next visit.
Pastor Ling Bek Sing, High Praise Assembly, Ipoh
I am really impressed with A Million Men Praying Robin. I can see it being a powerful addition to current prayer movements – providing an avenue for many men who haven’t found their niche up until now. Go for it friend! Every blessing as you do!
Marilyn McKenny, Church Arise Ministries
Praise God for these exciting developments! I believe you are spot on when you said that ‘men are by nature warriors’.  And this is what I believe MPM will harness through the workings of the Holy Spirit. Sign me up!
David Rowsome, Prayer Coordinator Canberra Declaration
One million praying men is an exciting concept.
John E Ollis
The LORD is calling many of His servants to pray and specially calling men to pray and it is wonderful that the LORD has called you to raise up a multitude of men. Gathering men is important, not to so much to build a ministry but to call men to arise into their anointed and called position of authority, such as son-ship in God; fatherhood, discipleship; leadership; warriors of the Kingdom setting men free to be men as God created them to be for His glory. May the LORD guide you step by step in all wisdom for many men to stand for Jesus.
Warren Lyons, Prophetic Voice (NZ)
This movement is going to be awesome! What we need is prayer in this time!
Gregory Williams, Pastor Brimbank Community Church
That’s a great and exciting vision and it connects somewhat with what I am seeing in Revelation. Also reminds me of Ed Silvoso’s vision based on 1 Tim.2 also. May this be realised powerfully
Jon Newton, Harvest Bible College
May you know the abounding grace and favour of God as you enter into the deeper dimensions of your call and purpose on this earth.
Steve Roberts, Missionary
I think this is great Robin. I am keen to hear more and be involved.
David Ridley, Northern Territory Regional Director YFC (Aus)
Well, I’m all for prayer! God bless you much and let me know how I can help to enable and equip this awesome vision.
Steve Harris, Outpouring Ministries
Great stuff! I love to be a part of this and let me know how Reach Community Church and I can be involved.
Victor Soo, Senior Pastor Reach Community Church
I am impressed by the 5 arenas of prayer (for me the Government one especially) and the 8 point commitment. Looking forward to hearing more!
Parliamentary Prayer Team Member
Kingdom Builders stands with Million Praying Men and it’s a vision to unite men around the Globe to Unite and Pray!
John Lockwood – Kingdom Builders
This is so necessary! The 1 Tim 2 verses encapsulate the vision (to me), prayer has to be the first step of love if we are to love our neighbour. It is so easy to say he should do this, not do this, fix this or that, but if we love them we will pray and pick them up, This is to be such an awakener and encouragement to the body and therefore the nation and beyond.
David Jack
I am so taken with what you have outlined I felt I must respond. I sense you have really tapped in to the heart of God for the men of this generation to be men of God! I endorse what you are hearing & what you want to do so wholeheartedly & are cheering you on & praying for this to spread like wildfire.
Bruce Lindley, Australian Apostolic Restore Community