An invitation to the wonderful, faith filled and faithful women of God…..

When I first heard the Holy Spirit speak to me about, MILLION PRAYING MEN (MPM) I immediately responded and said, “What about the women Lord?”

At the beginning I struggled with this having always been an advocate for women in ministry. From my early days I could never understand why (in some churches) there was an issue with allowing women to function in all areas of ministry.

Yes, I am still of the same mind and no less convinced that women have an equal and mighty role in each and every ministry the Holy Spirit calls them into. There are numerous instances where if women had not risen up the work would have failed.

So when the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about specifically focusing on men, I knew I just had to trust Him and that He would direct me along the right path and the balance would become apparent.

“I believe fully in women in ministry! I believe in the power and authority of the Kingdom of God that they are empowered to exercise and demonstrate. We are joint heirs in Christ, serving through the grace of God!”  Robin J Johnson

(Why Men? –
The overseeing body of MPM is Beyond Here Inc. One of our core values is: “Recognition of men and women as equals in ministry.”

Whenever I speak about MPM, often it is the women who are first to become excited and many times they are first to thank me for what I am doing. Some on hearing about MPM have breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Oh, finally we don’t have to carry the load by ourselves.”

When Jesus told a story to teach us how important it is to pray and not give up, He used the illustration of a faithful and persistent woman. (Luke 18:1-8)

Thank God for every praying woman!

  • I am personally indebted and thankful for the prayers of faithful women.
  • A grandmother who prayed for me
  • A teenage girl who prayed for me
  • A mother who in her later years prayed for me
  • A mother-in-law who prays
  • The women who have prayed and interceded for me and our ministry over many years and still do
  • A faith-filled praying wife

The mandate for me is to first challenge men to pray, without neglecting the other. We all know that the majority of prayer meetings are mostly attended by women. It is certainly an exception to see a  prayer meeting with a majority of men, though it does happen.

However, this specific page is not about the men, it is about the women of God who have so faithfully stood their ground and prayed. Thank you!

Inviting faith filled women

I have often said, with a smile, “The secret weapon behind MPM is praying women.”

A number of ladies have asked if they could register and join MPM.

Yes you can!

In fact as I was writing this very invitation (2015), notification came in from the MPM site that another person had registered. Yes, it was a woman, the first to do so.

I would love to invite you to also register and be a special part of this prayer initiative.

It is not about one or the other. It is about joint heirs in Christ, each one playing a significant role, working together in the end time Church of Jesus Christ.

Most of the articles posted on our site are not gender specific and so I would love for you to also have access to these messages of encouragement on prayer.

When you register you will receive….

  • Notice when a new blog is posted, which offers insights, teaching and encouragement on prayer.
  • Special and specific prayer requests.
Please join us and make this prayer initiative and even greater and glorious movement of prayer warriors.

Urgent & crucial times

I know you have ears and a heart tuned to hear what the Spirit is saying.

There is a definite sense of urgency about the days in which we live. We need to pray like never before. I love this quote from Cindy Jacobs.

“If you want to see what you’ve never seen before, you must pray what you’ve never prayed before.”

When the Lord placed the MPM vision in my heart it came with a sense of the Holy Spirit saying, “I know what is coming, that is why you must raise up the warriors to pray, the Father is longing to reveal HIS glory in new and dynamic ways, HE is waiting for HIS people to pray.”

Yes, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is waiting for you the mighty, faith filled, men and women to pray, to stand in the gap and cry to heaven for those who cannot cry out for themselves.

As I conclude may I just reiterate the first and compelling “Battleground” of prayer which MPM is primarily focused on; the salvation of men and women.

“Our first priority in prayer must be for the spread of the Gospel. God’s purpose that all nations hear the Good News is still heaven’s priority and therefore it must be ours. All our activities must serve the ultimate and number one command which Jesus gave to His disciples; the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is to be preached in all nations.”

(Five Battlegrounds –

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining us and becoming a much needed partner in this new and exciting prayer initiative, to bring glory to God.

Men and women standing together praying…..

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, in Jesus’ name.

Ladies please stand with us…..


(Ladies please do not click on the men’s registration below. Thank you)